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born on December 24th 1964

1990–91 photoreporter for Reflex magazine
1991–93 photoreporter for Expres magazine
1993 photoreporter for CTA, Czech branch of Reuters
1993–94 photoreporter - collaboration with CTK
1995–96 photoreporter - Mlady Svet magazine
1990–95 advertising photographer, fashion photographer, war photograhper (Former Yugoslavia, Russia (1993–Russian constitutional crisis) and Rwandan Genocide)
1995–2008 working for television in and outside of the Czech Republic
2008 until present mainly working for Czech and foreign film productions (feature films, music videos and advertisements)

all items as Director of Photography

feature films:

"Die Welt der Ritter" 2nd unit DoP, full lenght film Gruppe 5/ Mia production for ZDF TV - Germany (2013)
Directed: Carsten Gutschmidt
technology: RED ONE

"Roznese te" – full lenght film made for television – Czech Republic (2012)
directed by: O. Dabrowska
technology: HD

"Tacho" – feature film – shown nationwide in the Czech Republic (XII. 2010)
directed by: M. Landa
technology: RED ONE copied to a 35mm film

"Alma" – full lenght film made for television – Czech Republic (XII. 2010)
directed by: O. Dabrowska
technology: HD

"The Beggars story" USA (IX. 2008)
this movie was awarded for „Best Picture“ and „Best Art Direction“ in Michigan, USA and nominated for the best picture at International Family Film Festival in Hollywood, California.
directed by: Lucie Groene
technology: HD

"Kvaska" – feature film – shown nationwide in the Czech Republic (2006)
directed by: M. Landa,
technology: 35mm film

–a trilogy of car–themed movies for the Malina foundation. (Daniel Landa a Roman Kresta) „
Boura jen blb“, which translates as „Only a fool can crash“ …

- DoP at the TV live competition
Miss Czech republic 2022 (TV Nova)
- DoP at series
"Love Island 2021" (TV Nova)
- DoP at lifestyle series
"Ten year younger" (TV Nova 2017)
- DoP at world survival series
"Robinson Island" (TV Nova 2017)
– main cameraman for Daniel Landa´s concerts
(DVD "
BOURE" 2006 and "CESKOSLOVENSKO" 2008)
– main cameraman for theatrical performances

"TAJEMSTVI" (HD video for DVD)
"KRYSAR" (HD video for DVD)
– main cameraman at Daniel Landa´s concert
(all in HD)
– worked as the only Czech cameraman for
Paul McCartney´s concert in Prague

music Videos:
"Laska" – slovakian singer Hasperova (created for STV Bratislava) (betacam)
"Touha" – Daniel Landa (film 16mm)
"Republika" – Daniel Landa (film 16mm)
"Hou hou " – Ali (film 16mm)
"Nimracek" – No name – band (betacam)
"Vanocni" – No name – band (DVCAM)
"Tajemstvi" – Musical Music Video (film 16mm)
"21 svic" – prestigious musical DVD Hapka- Horacek 2007 (film 16mm)
“Tacho” – Daniel Landa (16mm combine with Red One)
“Deja-Vu” – „Sarah“ band (DVCAM)
and others…

tv jingles and commercials :
- commercial for Mr.Brown Cofee (2022)
- "nebojte se rakoviny" Ogilvy Prague, Czech (2014) Directed by David Slaby – TV jingle "TVare Novy"/"The faces of TV Nova“ (1999) (HD)
– TV show jingle „Kotel“ (1999) (HD)
– TV jingles for TV NOVA ( 2000-2001) (these jingles remain the most expensive and complicated ever made in the history of Czech television.) (35mm film)
– seasonal TV jingles "Bile vanoce"/“White Christmas“ (2001) (35mm film)
– film-style jingles for NOVA SPORT channel (2008) (HD)
– opening credits for TV series VELMI KREHKE VZTAHY (2008) (HD)
– TV show jingles for METROPOL TV (Lady M, Supermama, Prazeni, Ranni ladeni, Na vrcholu) 2011 (XDcam)
– advertising campaign for Czech Diabetes Society (director David Slaby, featuring Petr Ctvrtnicek)
– advertisment for Fisker Automotive, California, USA

TV reports:
– tens of reports for Autoshow and Autosalon
– countless reports (about 300) for a TV Nova´s show called "Na vlastni oci" including special episodes (1995-2009)
– reports for “Obcanske judo” TV show (about 50) (1995-2009)
– tens of reports for TV show called „RECEPTAR -P.Podlaha“ (2001-2003)
– several reports for german TV channels DEUTSCHE WELLE, ARTE, ARD, ZDF, SAT1, japanese NHK and others
– tens of reports, documentaries and shows for CT1 and CT2 channels (1995-2010)

– since 1997 I have shot tens of documentary short filma, mainly for FEBIO production company (for TV series: Oko, Gen, Genus, Zpoved, Okno k sousedum, Cestomanie, 13 statecnych...) where I had a chance to work with such well–known directors as: V.Chytilova, Z.Podskalsky ml., A.Cincerova, V.Moravek, J.D.Novotny
– feature documentary "Okno k sousedum-Nemecko" / „A window to the neighbours – Germany“ FEBIO (1997)
…some of these projects received the highest awards around the world

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